Match Recaps

Saturday, October 9. Lopez Island at Mount Vernon Christian.
Full Time Score: Mount Vernon Christian 5, Lopez Island 0.
First Half Score: MVC 1-0.
Season Records:  MVC 7-3-0; Lopez Island 2-7-0.
All-Time Series:  MVC leads 45-8-0.
Match Scoring Summary: 
MVC: 17’ Ben Rozema, assisted by Julian Pedrosa.
MVC: 41’ Julian Pedrosa, assisted by Alex Dowrey.
MVC: 50’ Reuben Hall (penalty kick)
MVC: 53’ Julian Pedrosa, assisted by Ben Rozema.
MVC: 63’ Ben Rozema, assisted by Reuben Hall.
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
“After a dominant but frustrating first half ended with a 1-0 lead for the Hurricanes, the offense poured it in, remaining dominant and got four second-half goals and kept the Lobos from scoring.” 
MVC  Goalkeeper: Cannon Brown
Coach’s Players of the Match:  Julian Pedrosa and Cannon Brown.
Upcoming Match:
On Wednesday, October 13, MVC will host Grace Academy in a 4:00PM match.  In their opening match of the season, the Hurricanes beat the Eagles, 5-2.  Grace Academy’s season record is 3-7-0.
Thursday, October 7, 2021. Mount Vernon Christian at Coupeville.
Full Time Score: Mount Vernon Christian 2, Coupeville 1.
First Half Score: 1-1
Season Records: MVC 5-3-0; Coupeville 3-5-0.
All-Time Series:  MVC leads 9-0-0.
Match Scoring Summary:
C-Ville: 12’ Murdy.
MVC:  26’ Elijah Lisenby, assisted by Jack Withers.
MVC:  43’ Reuben Hall.
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
“A much-improved Coupeville team compared to their first matchup, the Wolves came out and got an early goal against the run of play, off an unsuccessful clearance. The Hurricanes answered almost 15 minutes later off a corner kick assist from Jack Withers to Elijah Lisenby.
In the second half, Reuben Hall settled a scrum ball inside the 18 and slammed it by the keeper for the second goal of the game and the final score.” 

MVC Goalkeeper: Matthew Wyatt.
Coach’s Player of the Match: Reuben Hall.
Upcoming Match:
The Hurricanes are scheduled to host Lopez Island on Saturday, October 9 at 1:30PM.  The Lobos did not play their October 7 match at Providence Classical Christian.  Lopez Island has a season record of 2-6-0 with both wins coming against Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood in lopsided matches.
Friday, October 1, 2021. La Conner at Mount Vernon Christian .
Full Time Score: La Conner 2, Mount Vernon Christian 1 (in a Shootout)
First Half Score: 1-1
Season Records:  Mount Vernon Christian 5-3-0; La Conner 5-2-0.
All-Time Series:  MVC leads 43-19-0.
Match Scoring Summary: 
MVC: 3’ Jack Withers.
La C: 39’ Penalty Kick.

La C: 3-0 advantage in shootout following two overtimes.
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments::
“After scoring in the 3rd minute off an unassisted corner kick by Jack Withers, the Hurricanes couldn’t mount much more offensively, which allowed La Conner to stay close, score off a penalty kick before halftime, and ultimately finish the game with a 3-0 advantage in penalty kicks after overtime.”
MVC Goalkeeper:
Matthew Wyatt
Nathan Symmank
Upcoming Match: 
On Thursday, October 7, MVC travels to Coupeville for a 6:00PM match.  The Hurricanes defeated the Wolves at MVC during the opening match of the season in early September, 4-0.  Coupeville, which will host La Conner on Tuesday, October 5, has a 2-4-0 record as of this writing.
Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Mount Vernon Christian at Orcas Island.
Full Time Score: Orcas Island 4, Mount Vernon Christian 1.
First Half Score: 1-1.
Season Records: MVC 5-2-0; Orcas Island 5-0-0.
All-Time Series:  MVC leads 31-14-0.
Match Scoring Summary: 
OI: 9’ Pedro Guerra-Banderas
MVC: 35’ Ben Rozema PK
OI: 48’ Samuel Sutton 
OI: 57 William Ibarra. 
OI: 72’ Diego Lago.
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
“A tough, well-fought first half ended in a 1-1 tie after an early Orcas Island goal was equalized by a Ben Rozema penalty kick. 
The second half didn’t go as well for the Hurricanes as Orcas Island pressed harder and were rewarded with three goals.” 

MVC Goalkeepers: Matthew Wyatt, Nathan Symmank.
Upcoming Match: 
Friday, October 1 La Conner at MVC, 4:00PM.  The Braves bested Coupeville 3-2 on Tuesday for their fourth consecutive victory improving their season record to 4-2-0.  La Conner’s other wins have come over Grace Academy, Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood and Lopez Island.  The Braves and Hurricanes met in early September with MVC winning 2-0 in La Conner. Their only other loss was at Friday Harbor.  La Conner has not yet played undefeated Orcas Island or one-loss Providence Classical Christian.
Saturday, September 25, 2021. Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood at Mount Vernon Christian.
Full Time Score: Mount Vernon Christian 10, Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood 0.
First Half Score: MVC 6-0.
Season Records:  MVC 5-1-0; CPC-Lyn 0-5-0.
All-Time Series Record:  MVC leads 36-16-1.
Match Scoring Summary: 
MVC: 2’ Ben Rozema, assisted by Julian Pedrosa.
MVC: 9’ Ben Rozema.
MVC: 14’ Julian Pedrosa, assisted Alex Dowrey.
MVC: 17’ Alex Dowrey, assisted by Reuben Hall.
MVC: 20’ Lucas Milenaar, assisted by Cannon Brown.
MVC: 38’ Lucas Milenaar, assisted by Jacob Ruble.
MVC: 44’ Jacob Ruble, assisted by Ben Rozema.
MVC: 60’ Reuben Hall, assisted by Cannon Brown.
MVC: 65’ Matthew Wyatt, assisted by Reuben Hall.
MVC: 76’ Matthew Wyatt, assisted Jordan Boon.
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
“The Hurricanes came out determined, focused, and efficient, and scored early and often. Three players had a brace (scoring two goals in a match), but I was most pleased with the fact that nine of the ten goals came off of assists, seven players scored, and nine different players entered the scoring or assist column. We were able to play 24 athletes and all helped keep a clean sheet.” 
MVC Goalkeeper: Matthew Wyatt, Nathan Symmank. 
Upcoming Match: 
Tuesday, September 28, the Hurricanes travel to Orcas Island for a 4:00PM match.  The Vikings enter the match with a 4-0-0 record.  In their most recent match, they defeated Providence Classical Christian 2-0, scoring both goals in the second half against a previously undefeated PCC Highlander team.
Thursday, September 23, 2021. Mount Vernon Christian at Friday Harbor.
Full Time Score: Mount Vernon Christian 2, Friday Harbor 1.
Season Records:  MVC 4-1-0; Friday Harbor 1-3-0.
All-Time Series Record:  MVC leads 24-14-0.
First Half Score: 1-1.
Match Scoring Summary: 
MVC: 15’ Carlo Gegen, assisted by Jack Withers.
FH: 26’
MVC: 57’ Julian Pedrosa.

Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
“A well-fought game between two-evenly matched teams. MVC came out with a focused intensity, moved the ball, and went back and forth with the Wolverines until a breakthrough in the 15th minute with a Carlo Gegen goal. 
Friday Harbor scored in the 26th minute and the score held until the 57th minute when Julian Pedrosa earned a free kick from 20 yards out and buried it in the bottom right corner around the wall.” 

MVC Goalkeeper: Matthew Wyatt.
Coach’s Players of the Match: Reuben Hall owned the midfield and Cody DeVlieger came in for an injured teammate and played very well in that defense. 
Upcoming Match: 
Saturday, September 25 with Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood at MVC, 4:00 PM. The Lions enter the weekend match winless in four matches.  They have lost their last two matches 13-1 to La Conner and 11-0 to Grace Academy.
Friday, September 17, 2021. Providence Classical Christian at Mount Vernon Christian.
Full Time Score: Providence Classical Christian 2, Mount Vernon Christian 0.
Season Records:  MVC 3-1-0; Providence Classical Christian 4-0-0.
All-Time Series Record:  MVC leads 18-11-0.
First Half Score:0-0.
Match Scoring Summary: 
PCC: Alex Bravo-Jump, assisted by David Knudsen.
PCC: Matthew Reeves, assisted by Ethan Smith.
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
“A blustery day proved to be a challenge for both teams as they battled for 40 scoreless minutes in the first half. MVC had a couple of great chances but couldn’t convert, and that came back to bite us, as Providence scored about 15 minutes into the 2nd half to take the lead. PCC continued to press and controlled most of the second half and the Hurricanes couldn’t respond, ultimately giving up the second goal.” 
MVC Goalkeepers: Matthew Wyatt, Nathan Symmank.
MVC Upcoming Match:
Thursday, September 23 with Friday Harbor at Linde Field on San Juan Island. The Wolverines record stands at 1-2-0.  They have a 1-0 win over La Conner and a pair of 1-0 losses to Providence Classical Christian and Orcas Island.  The match begins at 4:00PM.
Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Mount Vernon Christian at La Conner.
Full Time Score: Mount Vernon Christian 2, La Conner 0.
Season Records:  MVC 3-0-0; La Conner 0-2-0.
All-Time Series Record:  MVC leads 43-18-0.
 First Half Score: 1-0.
 Match Scoring Summary: 
MVC: 35’ Julian Pedrosa PK.
MVC: 68’ Alex Dowrey, unassisted.

 Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments:
Well-played game between two evenly matched teams. The Hurricanes had several chances in the first half after settling in and were rewarded when Julian Pedrosa got free, created a chance, and was fouled.
Play went back and forth in the second half, but the ‘Canes were pressing for several minutes when Alex Dowrey settled a ball in the box and slammed it home for the final goal of the game. 

 MVC Goalkeeper: Nathan Symmank.
 Coach’s Player of the Match: Nathan Symmank and the defense of Christian Kilvert, Ryan Boon, Nick Wyatt, Jack Withers and Jacob McCoy.
 Upcoming Match for MVC:
Friday,September 17 with Providence Classical Christian at MVC, 4:00PM. The Highlanders enters the match with a 3-0-0 record, collecting wins over Lopez, Friday Harbor and Cedar Park Christian-Lynnwood.
Friday, September 10, 2021. Mount Vernon Christian at Grace Academy.
Full Time Score: Mount Vernon Christian 5, Grace Academy 2.
Season Records: MVC 2-0-0, Grace Academy 0-1-0.
 All-Time Series Record:  MVC leads 44-9-1.
 First Half Score: 3-1.
 Match Scoring Summary:  
MVC: 16’ Ben Rozema
MVC: 18’ Ben Rozema
MVC: 30’ Carlo Gegen
Grace: 41’ PK
Grace: 55’ PK
MVC: 61’ Ben Rozema, assisted by Julian Pedrosa
MVC: 66” Jack Withers, assisted by Julian Pedrosa
Coach Wohlgemuth’s Comments: 
A great start with tempo, energy, and focus was rewarded with two first-half goals by Ben Rozema. Freshman Carlo Gegen added a third in the first thirty minutes off a header and it looked like the Hurricanes were going to cruise the rest of the way.
However, the Eagles countered off a Penalty Kick in first half stoppage time to draw closer before the break.  They added another PK goal early in the second half from an MVC handball in the box, which also resulted in a red card, leaving the ‘Canes with 10 men for the final 20+ minutes. 
It ended up not mattering as Ben Rozema connected with his third goal of the match off a Julian Pedrosa assist, and Jack Withers added the final goal of the day five minutes later off another Pedrosa assist. 

Coach’s Player of the Match: Ben Rozema.
Upcoming Match for MVC:  
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at La Conner, 4:00PM.  The host Braves have a 0-1-0 record, having dropped their only match 1-0 at Friday Harbor.
Tuesday, September 7. Coupeville at Mount Vernon Christian.
Full Time Score: MVC 4, Coupeville 0.
Season Records: MVC 1-0-0, Coupeville 0-1-0.
All-Time Series Record:  MVC leads 8-0-0.
First Half Score: 2-0.
Match Scoring Summary:  
MVC: 31’ Alex Dowrey, assist Nick Wyatt.
MVC: 35’ Ben Rozema, assist Reuben Hall.
MVC: 48’ Jack Withers unassisted.
MVC: 73’ Cannon Brown unassisted.

Coach Wohlgemuth’s Match Comments: 
We came out with purpose and direction and controlled the pace of play and possession throughout the first half, earning opportunities and forcing the Wolves to defend. Freshman Alex Dowrey entered the game and just a few short minutes later, let his presence be known with a well-placed shot off a Nick Wyatt assist. Ben Rozema added a second goal before the first half whistle, and the ‘Canes picked up in the second half where they left off in the first, getting unassisted goals from Jack Withers and Cannon Brown. Matt Wyatt and Nathan Symmank earned the shutout in goal. 
Coach’s Players of the Match: Defense: Christian Kilvert, Colby Faber, Ryan Boon, Nick Wyatt.
Upcoming Match for MVC:  
Friday, September 10 at Grace Academy, 3:30PM.  Match at Strawberry Fields #1 in Marysville.  This will be the Eagles’ opening match of the season.