Program Memories

Every soccer memory has become a good one from the brotherhood you form with your teammates. Having coaches that lead as a great example to us, showing us how to live on and off the field, and giving us values to understand how to live as we moved on into our lives throughout the day and still today. I have plenty of memories, but my definite favorite was the State title game of my junior year. Once that final whistle blew all that hard work we had put in every day in the off-season and every day during that season~it felt like something we worked for, not something we just got. Our whole team worked the hardest we could to achieve what our goal was. Overall, the lessons I learned have taught me to work harder in life and to do what it takes to be the best me I can be. -Riley Hood, 2012-2015.

Joining the Soccer program freshman year was the best decision I made in high school. You form a bond with your teammates and become a family who always have each others’ backs. Our coaches were more than just coaches. They would go out of their way to make sure things off the field were going well and still check in on me to this day. The Core Values the program goes by are ones I have taken with me even after high school. The program has taught me how to carry myself in troubling times and how to better myself day-to-day. My favorite memory on the field was winning the 2017 Tri-District tournament against Crosspoint Academy. It was more than just winning. We were able to stop Crosspoint from having an undefeated season. We knew going into that game that we had to hold the legacy of being the only team to go undefeated [2014] and we defended the program. It’s not only having your current teammates’ backs, but past players as well. ~Jared Smith, 2015-2018.

Program Memories started being collected in January 2021. Submissions from past MVC Boys’ Soccer participants, their parents or supporters are welcomed. Please send your memories to