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While pleased with on-field success, accomplishments away from the soccer field are extremely important to the program’s mission. Most of the young men, who have worn the MVC Boys’ Soccer uniform and crest through the years, have now become quality college students, employees, business owners, husbands, fathers, and authentic men of Faith in their respective communities.~excerpt from the 2017 MVC Boys’ Soccer Information Packet~

2022 Hurricanes….11-6-1; 1B/2B State-4th Place.

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Back Row: Patrick Russell-Asst. Coach, Ryan Boon, Colby Faber, Oliver Ness, Sean Russell, Elijah Lisenby, Nick Wyatt, Lucas Millenaar, Cody DeVlieger, Logan Mounts, Ben Rozema, Cannon Brown, Jeremiah Wohlgemuth-Head Coach.  Front Row: Cody Brown, Christian Kilvert, Jacob Ruble, Isaac Latulippe, Nathan Symmank, Sam Nielsen, Ryan Boon, Alex Dowrey, Eli Sanchez, Colton Brown-Student Manager. Not Pictured: Tyler Houtsma-Asst. Coach.

2021 Hurricanes….11-6-0; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.

Back Row: Matthew Wyatt, Jacob McCoy, Oliver Ness, Ben Rozema, Lucas Millenaar, Carlo Gegen, Nick Wyatt, Elijah Lisenby, Cody DeVlieger, Colby Faber, Nathan Symmank. Front Row: Alex Dowrey, Jack Withers, Julian Pedroza, Cannon Brown, Isaac Latulippe, Ryan Boon, Jordan Boon, Jacob Ruble, Christan Kilvert, Reuben Hall. Not Pictured: Jeremiah Wohlgemuth~Head Coach; Patrick Russell~Asst. Coach.

2020 Hurricanes (played Spring 2021) 4-4-0; ( 4-2-0 prior to Covid ending season).

Back Row: Tiger Brunk, Ben Rozema, Jacob Hays, Cody DeVlieger, Nick Wyatt, Elijah Lisenby, Billy DeJong, Nathan Hayward. Middle Row: Isaac Latulippe, Colby Faber, Jack Withers, Canaan VanderArk, Jacob McCoy, Oliver Ness, Nathan Schmaus, Joel Votipka. Front Row: Ryan Boon, Tyler Paciotti, Reuben Hall, Matthew Wyatt, Nathan Symmank, Christian Kilvert, Julian Pedrosa, Jordan Boon. Not Pictured: Jeremiah Wohlgemuth~Head Coach; Patrick Russell~Asst. Coach.

2019 Hurricanes….6-9-0; 1B/2B Tri-District “Play-In” Match.

5x7 varsity soccer

Back Row:  Ben Rozema, Canaan VanderArk, Noah Lubbers, Peter Opp, Nick Wyatt, Billy DeJong, Elijah Lisenby.  Middle Row: Nathan Schmaus, Jacob McCoy, Daniell Jones, Oliver Ness, Colby Faber, Jordan Boon, Ryan Boon.  Front Row:  Matthew Wyatt, Jonathan Myers, Cody DeVlieger, Christopher Wyatt, Jacob Hays, Luke Gott.  Not Pictured: Jeremiah Wohlgemuth-Head Coach; Patrick Russell-Asst. Coach.

2018 Hurricanes: 13-5-0; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.

IMG_5780Back Row: Matthew Wyatt, Jacob Hays, Luke Gott, Noah Lubbers, Christopher Wyatt, Peter Opp, Canaan VanderArk, Kyler Houck, Jack Withers. Front Row: Micah Hays, Kendell Lervick, Jared Smith, Gabe Taylor, Austin Lazar. Not Pictured: Robert Adeline-Head Coach, Scott Taylor-Asst. Coach, Dalton McIlrath-Asst. Coach.

2017 Hurricanes: 13-6-0; League and Tri-District Champions; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.120698AC1E5D47179311F339823FE7F2Back Row: Canaan VanderArk, David Twedt, Kyler Houck, Jacob Hays, Christopher Wyatt, Peter Opp, Noah Lubbers, Preston Haberly, Luke Gott, Nicholas Stratton. Front Row: Shane Mailliard, Levi Gott, Carter Annema, Jared Smith, Gabe Taylor, Kendell Lervick, Micah Hays, Austin Lazar. Not Pictured: Robert Adeline-Head Coach.

2016 Hurricanes:16-3-0;League and District Champions; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.boys-soccer-team-photoBack Row:  Gabe Taylor, Carter Annema, Caleb Twedt, Jack Hammingh, Jack Bender, Bryson Smith, Caleb Smith, Levi Gott, Kendell Lervick. Front Row: Jace Wood, Cody Hilsinger, Peter Opp, Kyler Houck, Austin Lazar, Jared Smith, Micah Hays, Preston Haberly, Noah Lubbers, Christopher Wyatt, Luke Gott. Not Pictured: John Morrison-Asst. Coach, Robert Adeline-Head Coach.

2015 Hurricanes: 20-3-0; League and District Champions; 1B/2B State-4th Place

Team Photo

Back Row: Caleb Twedt, Dalton McIlrath, Carter Annema, Bryson Smith, Jack Bender, Caleb Smith, Jack Hammingh, Jared Smith. Front Row: Gabe Taylor, Austin Lazar, Caleb Berhow, Cheng Qian, Riley Hood, Tim Cummings, Kendell Lervick, Levi Gott. Not Pictured: Robert Adeline-Asst. Coach, Joel Adeline-Head Coach.

2014 Hurricanes: 22-0-0; League, District and Tri-District Champions; 1B/2B STATE CHAMPIONS! Ranked 10th Nationally by MaxPreps.


Back Row: Robert Adeline-Asst. Coach, Luis Pimental, Jack Bender, Dalton McIlrath, Bryson Smith, Carter Annema, Isaiah Corp, Michael Hancock, Travis Ketchum, Tyler Houtsma, Joel Adeline-Head Coach. Front Row:Levi Gott, Jayson Withers, Jack Hammingh, Caleb Twedt, Riley Hood, Joshua Twedt, Tim Cummings, James, Hurd, Alex Bridge.

2013 Hurricanes:18-3-0;League and District Champions; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.


Back Row: Travis Ketchum, Jack Bender, Jack Hammingh, Bryson Smith, Luis Pimental. Third Row: Tim Cummings, Dalton McIlrath, Riley Hood, Andrew Klesick. Second Row: Robert Adeline-Asst. Coach, Seth Parman, Joel Adeline-Head Coach, Jonathan deHaan, Ross DeWit-Asst. Coach. Front Row: Joshua Twedt, James Hurd, Tyler Houtsma, Jayson Withers, Michael Hancock, Isaiah Corp.

2012 Hurricanes: 17-5-0; League and District Champions; 1B/2B State-4th Place.


Top Row: Joshua Twedt, Isaiah Corp,Michel Hancock, Raymond DeVries. Middle Row: Andrew Klesick, Tim Cummings, Jayson Withers, Seth Parman, Jonathan deHaan, Tyler Houtsma, James Hurd, Riley Hood, Dalton McIlrath. Front Row: Joel Adeline-Asst. Coach, Mark Geertsma, Caleb Riley, Jesse Ketchum, Aaron Daut, Robert Adeline-Head Coach.

2011 Hurricanes: 8-10-0; District One Qualifiers.


Back Row: Tyler Houtsma, Raymond DeVries, Isaiah Corp, James Hurd, Jayson Withers, Michael Hancock. Middle Row: Christan Alvarez, Jonathan deHaan, Mark Geertsma, Jesse Ketchum, Caleb Riley, Kevin Anderson, Seth Parman. Front Row: Robert Adeline-Head Coach, Daniel Houtsma, Wayne Hancock, Michael deHaan, Joel Adeline-Asst. Coach.

2010 Hurricanes: 12-8-0; District One and Bi-District Qualifiers.


Back Row: Robert Adeline-Head Coach; Kevin Anderson, Mark Geertsma, Caleb Riley, Daniel Houtsma, Wayne Hancock, Jesse Ketchum, Michael deHaan, Seth Parman, Hugh Galbraith-Asst. Coach.  Front Row: Simon LeClair, Nolan Mailliard, Kyler VanBerkum, Cooper Blade, Corey Kuipers, Caleb Brown.

2009 Hurricanes: 12-7-0;  1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.   

soccer boys crop

Back Row: Matthew Childs, Elliott Dodd, Mark Geertsma, Wayne Hancock, Daniel Houtsma, Caleb Riley, Jesse Ketchum, Kevin Anderson. Middle Row: Robert Adeline-Head Coach, Cooper Blade, Raleigh Kinsolving, Caleb Brown, Cory Kuipers, Kyler VanBerkum, Nolan Mailliard, Hugh Galbraith-Asst. Coach. Front Row: Piero de la O, Stefan Berryman, Jeffrey McClelland, Tyler Jones.

2008 Hurricanes: 15-7-0;  1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.      


Back Row: Kyler VanBerkum, Raleigh Kinsolving, Daniel Houtsma, Simon LeClair, Cory Kuipers, Caleb Brown, Wayne Hancock, Cooper Blade, Nolan Mailliard.  Middle Row: Robert Adeline-Head Coach, Tyler Jones, Jeffrey McClelland, Stefan Berryman, Piero de la O, Hugh Galbraith-Asst. Coach. Front Row: Mark deVries, Noel Sakuma, David Riley, Derrick DeVries, John Morrison.

2007 Hurricanes: 9-10-1; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.     


Back Row: Simon LeClair, Nolan Mailliard, Kyler VanBerkum, Cory Kuipers, Caleb Brown, Cooper Blade, Raleigh Kinsolving. Middle Row:Caleb Chase, Stefan Berryman, Noel Sakuma, Derrick DeVries, Zach Livingston, Mark deVries, Jeffrey McClelland. Front Row: Hugh Galbraith-Asst. Coach, Jeremy Schloemer, David Riley, Riley Jones, Aaron DeRuiter, Robert Adeline-Head Coach. Not pictured: Carlin Ackermann.

2006 Hurricanes:14-3-0; League and District Champions; 1B/2B State Quarterfinalists.      


Back Row: Hugh Galbraith-Asst. Coach, Aaron DeRuiter, Philip deVries, Tim Hibma, Chad Gudmunson, Joel Marriott, Daniel VanderKooy, Jeremy Schloemer, Robert Adeline-Head Coach. Middle Row: Clancey Aguero-Asst. Coach, Jeffrey McClelland, Christan Graves, Mark deVries, Chris Whitcomb, Lucas Kok, Stefan Berryman, Derrick DeVries, Noel Sakuma. Front Row:David Riley, Joe Riley, Jimmy Collins, Brandon Crandall, Caleb McClelland, Riley Jones. Not pictured: Normand Andrews.

2005 Hurricanes: 13-7-0; A/B State Quarterfinalists.DSC03078Back Row: Daniel VanderKooy, Joel Marriott, Derrick DeVries, Caleb McClelland, Philip deVries, Tim Hibma, Chad Gudmunson.  Middle Row: Brandon Crandall, Jimmy Collins, Normand Andrews, Chad VanderSar, Joe Riley, David Riley.  Front Row: Matt Hogan, Daniel Westra, Jonathan Hurd, Steven Annema, Jonathan DeRuiter. Not pictured: Robert Adeline-Asst. Coach, Brian Adams-Head Coach.

2004 Hurricanes: 17-4-1;   A/B  State- 3rd Place. DSC03080Back Row: Jeremy Schloemer, Chad Gudmunson, Tim Hibma, Jonathan DeRuiter, Philip deVries, Matthew VanderArk.  Middle Row: Corey Whaley, Steven Annema, Daniel Westra, Joel Marriott, Adam Mines, Jonathan Hurd, Matt Hogan. Front Row: Joe Riley, Matt Boffey, Jimmy Collins, Joel Adeline, Brandon Crandall, Chad VanderSar. Not pictured: Robert Adeline-Asst. Coach, Brian Adams-Head Coach.

2003 Hurricanes: 11-7-0;   Tri-District First Round. DSC03083Back Row: Robert Adeline-Asst. Coach, Jordan Kok, Adam Mines, Philip deVries, Jonathan DeRuiter, Tim Hibma, Matthew VanderArk, Brian Adams-Head Coach, Julie Medema-Manager. Middle Row: Steven Annema, Jonathan Hurd, Eli Winslow, Matt Dykstra,Chad Gudmunson, Corey Whaley, Daniel Westra, Matt Hogan. Front Row: Austin Bennett, Jimmy Collins, Joel Adeline, Brett Anderson, Joe Riley, Sam Hutchens, Brandon Crandall.

2002 Hurricanes: 12-6-1;   Tri-District First Round.DSC03085Back Row: Derek Greydanus, Eli Winslow, Chris Wall, Dane Boffey, Jon VanderArk, Corey Whaley. Middle Row: Brett Anderson, Jonathan Hurd, Daniel Westra, Joel Adeline, Jordan Kok, Richey Kimberly, Steven Annema, Scott Kimberly-Asst. Coach. Front Row: Matthew VanderArk, Clancey Aguero, Jesse Geleynse, David Gillette, Matt Dykstra, Adam Mines, Jonathan DeRuiter, Brian Adams-Head Coach.

2001 Hurricanes: 15-4-0;   League Champions; A/B State-4th Place.DSC03092

Back Row: Bernd Strom-Asst. Coach, Andy Millar, Mark Medema, Jon VanderArk, Greg Hibma, Jamie McCarty, Luke Weber, Brian Adams-Head Coach. Middle Row: Chris Wall, Brett Anderson, Berkly Middleton, Derek Greydanus, Pete Shilling, Nathan Sakuma, Jordan Kok, Clancey Aguero. Front Row: Scott Wall, Eli Winslow, Jesse Geleynse, Adam Mines, Travis Haveman, Justin Strauss, Jeremy Westra, Joel Adeline.

2000 Hurricanes: 14-6-0;   Tri-District Third Round. DSC03096

Back Row:  Adam deVries, Josh Krause-Asst. Coach, Daniel Winslow, Chris Kennedy, Jon VanderArk, Greg Hibma, Daniel Gudmunson Troy VandenBosch, Jamie McCarty, Kris Aguero, Tim Annema, Luke Weber, Brian Adams-Head Coach, Bernd Strom-Asst. Coach. Middle Row: Derek Greydanus, Richey Kimberly, Justin Strauss, Jeremy Westra, Nathan Sakuma, Jon Orange, Mark Medema, Eli Winslow, Scott Wall, Brett Anderson, Clancey Aguero Jordan Kok. Front Row: Josh Anderson, Travis Haveman, Jesse Geleynse.

1999 Hurricanes: 13-4-0;   League Champions; District Finalists. DSC03099Back Row:Sarah Johnson-Manager, Nathan DeKok, Greg Hibma, Ryan VanVliet, Marc Ledeboer, Jamie McCarty, Travis Haveman, Daniel Gudmunson, Brian Adams-Head Coach, Rick DeArte-Asst. Coach.  Middle Row: Mark Medema, Derek Greydanus, Tim Annema, Andy Boffey, Justin Strauss, Chris Kennedy, Jon VanderArk.  Front Row: Daniel Winslow, Scott Wall, Adam deVries, Josh Anderson, Jesse Geleynse, Nathan Sakuma, B.J. Adelman. On Ground: Kris Aguero, Jon Orange.

1998 Hurricanes: 14-3-0;   League Champions; Tri-District Finalists. DSC03097

Back Row: Rick DeAtre-Asst. Coach, Aaron Klein, Daniel Gudmunson, Kris Aguero, Brandon Burr, Justin VandenBosch, Nathan DeKok, Matt Kaemingk, Josh Krause, Jon Zylstra, Brian Adams-Head Coach. Middle Row: Ryan VanVliet, Mark Medema, Travis Haveman, Daniel Winslow, Andy Boffey, Jon Skelton, David Boffey, Justin Strauss, Jon Orange, B.J. Adelman, Mark Veldkamp. Front Row: Jamie McCarty, Lauren Burr-Manager, Marc Ledeboer, Greg Hibma, Jodi DeJong-Manager, Nathan Sakuma.

1997 Hurricanes:  7-8-0. DSC03102Back Row: Brian Adams-Asst. Coach, Kris Aguero, Matt Kaemingk, Billy DeJong, Jim Fikkert, Justin VandenBosch, Brandon Burr, Nathan DeKok, Ivan Voss-Head Coach. Middle Row:  Jon Zylstra, Mark Veldkamp, Ben Skelton, Aaron Klein, Ryan VanVliet, Jon Orange. Brad Haveman, Seth Fikkert.  Front Row: Dan Gudmunson, Marc Ledeboer, B.J. Adelman.

1996 Hurricanes: 10-6-0.  A/B Divisional Match.DSC03105Back Row: Ivan Voss-Head Coach, Bill Barnebee, Matt Kaemingk, Troy DeVlieger, Justin VandenBosch, Jeff Elhert, Billy DeJong, Neil Morrison, Jim Fikkert, Mr. Elgersma-Asst. Coach.  Middle Row:  Aaron Klein, Nathan DeKok, Brandon Burr, Jon Zylstra, Peter Sanderson, Brian Davis, Mark Veldkamp, Steve Sanderson.  Front Row:  Brad Haveman, Marc Ledeboer, B.J. Adelman, Ryan VanVliet.

1995 Hurricanes:  12-4-0. DSC03106

Back Row: Jason Leander, Jeff Ehlert, Troy DeVlieger, Matt Klein, Billy DeJong, John Wolters, James Dvorak. Middle Row: Aaron Klein, Joshua Garcia, Daryl Maas, Bill Barnebee, Steve Sanderson, Jon Zylstra, Ivan Voss-Head Coach.  Front Row: Curt Boon, Brandon Burr, Kris Stuart, Peter Sanderson, Mark Veldkamp.

1994 Hurricanes:  9-5-0.  DSC03107Back Row: James Dvorak, Ben Hansen, Matt Klein, Billy DeJong, John Wolters, Kris Stuart, Darin Kuipers, Greg VanZanten, Jason VandenBosch, Darren Smiley, Mr. Kooiman.  Front Row:  Troy DeVlieger, Joshua Basaar, Jason Leander, Daryl Maas, Peter Sanderson.

1993 Hurricanes:  10-6-0.  DSC03108Back Row: John Hoad, Matt Klein, Ben Hansen, Kris Stuart, Kevin Maas, Darin Kuipers, Todd Topham, Kelsey Stuart, Matt Rindal, Greg VanZanten.  Front Row:  Jason Leander, Matt Moore, Daryl Mass, Peter Sanderson, Troy DeVlieger, Darren Smiley, Jason VandenBosch. Not pictured: Mike Yeoman-Asst. Coach, Bill Sharick-Head Coach.

1992 Hurricanes:  9-6-1. DSC03110Back Row: Eric Davis-Head Coach, Kris Stuart, Jason VanderKooy, Kelsey Stuart, David Staat, Matthew Rindal, Darin Kuipers, Kevin Maas,Chris Ledeboer-Asst. Coach.  Middle Row: Jeff Grotzke, Jason VandenBosch, Daryl Maas, Jason Leander, John Hoad, Matt Moore, Brad DeKok.  Front Row:  John Andringa, Donald Dykstra, Eric Grotzke, Greg VanZanten, Darren Smiley.

1991 Hurricanes: 7-4-1.  DSC03111Back Row: Eric Davis-Head Coach, John Andringa, Kelsey Stuart, David Staat, Kevin Maas, Darin Kuipers, Daryl VanderPol, Chris Ledeboer-Asst. Coach.  Middle Row: Greg VanZanten, Matt Moore, Erik Grotzke, John Hoad, Mike Cuperus, Skip Timney.  Front Row: Ian Kaplan, Jason VandenBosch, Brad DeKok, Donald Dykstra, Matthew Rindal.

1990 Hurricanes:  0-12-1 Inaugural Boy’s Soccer Season.  DSC03112Back Row: Ed Baker-Head Coach, Steve Boon, Jason VanderKooy, Nathan Rindal, Garritt Kuipers, David Staat, Kevin Maas, Calvin VanderVeen, Daryl VanderPol, Kelsey Stuart, Chris Ledeboer-Asst. Coach.  Front Row:  Ian Kaplan, Donald Dykstra, Jeremy DeVries, Mike Cuperus, Erik Grotzke, Dustin Smiley, Brad DeKok.