Core Values

TheCore Values were used from 2011 through the 2018 season. They are still included because a large number of program alumni continue to utilize them in their daily lives.

The Core Values were adapted from the University of North Carolina’s highly successful women’s soccer program and Head Coach Anson Dorrance.

picture1021TOUGH.   We do not whine. We handle any situation thrown at us.

DISCIPLINED.Each day we have a plan to do something better, and do it.

FOCUSED.  We compete as student athletes for the right reasons. We care about our education. We make good choices to represent ourselves, our family, our team, our Lord.

RELENTLESS.  We work hard and we never stop pushing ourselves and those around us, in practices and in matches.

RESILIENT.   We bounce back from setbacks and do not seek out or create crisis where they do not exist.

POSITIVE. We choose to not be upset by negative circumstances.

CLASSY.  We treat everyone with respect, and do not separate ourselves from others or make people feel lower than us.

CARING.  We do not judge others, say negative things about our teammates and embrace everyone on our team because they were made by the same Creator who made us.

NOBLE.   We ALWAYS place the good of the team ahead of ourselves.

SELFLESS.  We ALWAYS play for each other. We work ourselves to death for our teammates in the most demanding games and situations.

GALVANIZING.  We are well led. Our leaders are less concerned about being liked and popular, and more concerned about holding their teammates accountable and driving their teammates to their maximum potential. We always compete and always expect others to as well.

GRATEFUL.  We are humble and grateful for the life we have been given. We are gracious and enthusiastic about being alive.

INTENSITY.   We are crazed in our commitment to competing and doing things better than they have been done before, and ensuring that those around us are as well.